Our Outdoor Columbarium Niches are located
 in the memorial circle in the center of our cemetery.
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Granite Front Double Niche: A space within a columbarium designed for the entombment of two cremated remains.
Double granite front niches are intended to be used by two cremated remains of two person behind a marble shutter.
Maximum available usable space is 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches by 13.5 inches The urn will not be visible.

A standard plaque (View Sample) can be purchased for $300 at the time of sale of the niche, or at market price at the time of interment of Cremated Remains.

Pricing of Outdoor Columbarium Niches and Services
Two Center Rows - $3,000
Row Above and Below the Center Rows - $2,750
Top and Bottom Row - $2,500

The purchase of an Outdoor Columbarium Niche
includes the following:
Burial rights in the niche
Perpetual care
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Opening and closing costs:
To be paid upon interment of Cremated Remains
Monday – Friday: $250     Saturday: $300

For More Information please contact the Rectory
or email contact@stignatius.church