Parish Hall Rental

Our Parish Hall is now available for rental.  Below are the rental rates.  All rentals will require insurance and a signed service agreement. (View a sample service agreement)  If interested please call the rectory at 215-493-3377 or send an email request to contact@stignatius.church


Public Event / Not for Profit Use Fee $750.00

Private Rental Use Fee $300.00

Tenant Users Liability insurance premium, if applicable $145.00
Setup Fee (if required) $225
Security Deposit  $150.00

Fees shall be paid as follows:

Deposit, due upon execution of the service agreement $250.00

Balance due, if any, is payable five days before the event

In addition, the following Security Deposit shall be paid upon execution of this Agreement and shall be refunded after the event provided the hall is left in acceptable condition: