Parish Priests and Staff

  Rev. Andrew Brownholtz
Email: fracb@stignatius.church
Phone:215-493-3377  x211
  Deacon Robert J. Skawinski
Permanent Deacon
Email: contact@stignatius.church
Phone 215-493-3377
  Deacon Michael L. Cibenko
Permanent Deacon
Email: contact@stignatius.church
Phone 215-493-3377 x222
Rectory Office Staff
  Mr. Gregory Lucidi
Parish Business Manager
Email: glucidi@stignatius.church
Phone: 215-493-3377 x213
  Mrs. Jayne Marcinkowski
HR Manager / Safe Environment
Email: hr@stignatius.church
Phone: 215-493-3377 x212
  Mr. Richard Moore
Contracts and Liability
Email: richardm@stignatius.church
Phone 215-493-3377 x211
  Mrs. Maria LaMantia
Parish Secretary
Email: mlamantia@stignatius.church
Phone 215-493-3377 x211
  Mrs. Jackie Madden
Email: jmadden@sischool.org
Phone 215-493-3377 x207
  Mrs. Dorothy Aschenbrenner
Tuition Coordinator
Email: daschenbrenner@sischool.org
Phone: 215-493-3377 x207
Education / Ministry Staff
  Mrs. Mary Ann DiTommaso
Email: siprincipal@sischool.org
Phone: 215-493-3867 x10
  Ms. Annmarie Flanagan
Director of Religious Education
Email: aflanagan@stignatius.church
Phone: 215-493-5204
  Lee Milhous
Music Director
Email: music@stignatius.church
  Trevor Dooley
Youth Minister
Email: youth@stignatius.church
Phone: 267-391-7693